- April 2019

Please note that by the end of July I will not be accepting further Installation and Weathering work until the following year. 
This is because I will be moving out of Australia and back to the USA. I will be continuing my business once I have relocated and had time to get settled in to the new routine. 
I know this will come as a blow to those in Australia for which I apologise for leaving. After being here for 14 years though I am feeling the call to return to my roots. I thank everyone here for their loyal business and I will always be reachable by email.

- January 2019

Linside is now looking into the production of custom wagon loads that can be catered to your wagon fleets. These loads will be designed to be removable and represent many forms of loads carried in open hopper style wagons. 
The loads on the cards will be coal, ballast, rock, gypsum, scrap metal, woodchip, and simliar. More information will come as the project progresses.